Historical Flags

Our complete selection of Historical American flags includes a progression of USA flags from 13 stars in the Union to 49 stars in the Union.  Our 13 star flags to 49 star flags are appliqued and embroidered on heavy 200 Denier Nylon, and are made with the finest attention to detail.

In addition, you can find a variety of USA Historical flags that carry significance for you.  Display your Gadsden Flag, Navy Jack Flag, Bennington Flag, Betsy Ross Flag, or Confederate Flag with pride. 

Be sure to check our Miscellaneous Historical Flag section for more obscure USA historical flag designs such as Alamo flags, Commodore Perry flags, Taunton flags, and more.  A.G.A.S. is proud to offer you the largest selection of Historical flags on the web.

American Flag History

Do you know how many times the American Flag has changed since the first official American flag in 1776?  The American Historical flags have evolved over time from the 1776 Grand Union Flag with the British Union Jack as the canton.  And with the addition of each state into the Union, the flag of the United States of America changed either the number of stripes or stars in its design.  Surprisingly, in 1795 there were actually 15 red and white alternating stripes on the USA flag.  For more information on the evolution of the American flag, see the A.G.A.S. Flag Timeline.