Blank Feather Flags 8x2 foot (Choose 2 Colors)

Blank Feather Flags 8x2 foot (Choose 2 Colors)
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Price $37.00
10 or more $23.50 each
50 or more $18.00 each
Blank Feather Flags (Choose 2 Colors) Style 1, 8x2 foot are made from 200D Nylon and double stitched. They have a 3" canvas sleeve closed on top. Flags made from 1 ply 200 Denier Nylon are intended for both outdoor use and indoor use. Nylon is a heavy duty material, which is formulated to withstand the wear and tear your flag will sustain. This feather flag with 2 colors sewn together will fly beautifully for seasons to come.
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