12"X18" 1 ply Custom Vinyl Bike Flag Kit

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Bike flags also called bicycle flags, bike safety flags and bicycle safety flags are mounted on a flexible whip rod flag pole that makes your bike highly visible to other bikers and motorist. You can choose from a blank color bike flag or a custom printed bike flag. Blank bike flags come in a variety of bright colors too choose from. Custom bicycle safety flags allow you to personalize your design. These flags are great for family reunions, birthday parties or field days. You can choose between nylon, vinyl and plastic as the fabric of your choice. Bike Flag poles are easily mounted on your bicycle with a rear axle mount that is specially designed to fit nicely on your bike. Made from a flexible fiberglass the bike flag poles are 6' tall to add maximum visibility. We have two options you can choose from for the poles, a 1 piece white fiberglass pole or a 3 piece orange fiberglass pole. All the different materials: Nylon, vinyl and plastic are easily mounted on the pole and can be simple switched out for a new bicycle flag when needed. Bike flags are also popular for golf carts, ATV's, wheelchairs, corner flags for soccer fields or field markers. 


12"X18" 1 ply Custom Vinyl Bike Flag Kit


(1) Custom vinyl bike flag with your choice of imprint

(1) 6' white fiberglass bike pole

(1) Stainless steel bike pole bracket (attaches to rear wheel)



Note about placing a custom order:


Once you place an order for your customer flag we will contact you to finalize the order.  You can email artwork to artwork@agasmfg.com.  Please include your order number in the subject line.

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