Gadsden Mini Banners 4.75x3.5 inch

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Price $3.60
10 or more $2.85 each
50 or more $2.50 each
100 or more $2.15 each
200 or more $1.85 each
500 or more $1.75 each
Gadsden Mini Banners, 4.75x3.5 inch are printed on Poly Rayon and finished with .5" of gold fringe. They have a 3/35" diameter gold pole on top with .25" gold acorns on each end, and a 17" gold hanging string and suction cup. Mini banners are perfect small 2 ply flag displays for home windows, car windows, or rear-view mirrors. The hanging string and suction cup make them very easy to mount and display.
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